Day 5, Stage 4 Bobbio Pellice-Pramollo

The riders starts today stage at 9 in Bobbio Pellice, finally under the sun.

The first refurnishment is at the Barbara Alpine refugee, they have to deal with the steepest and longer paved ascent in the race, they arrived hot and tired but they were welcomed in a genuinely friendly way by the staff, and the amazing view was worth the pain. The Hondureño Milton Ramos, the leader, climbed up to the top with his characteristic big smile, followed by Joan Pons and the second in the general classification Joseba Albizu.

The day is still long for our bikers, is now the turn of the Barant refugee, another steep climb and a even more challenging down hill.

During the ascent at the Col Giulian we attend one of the most emotional moments of this race, Giorgio Rossini after finishing this incredible climb goes down again to assist his partner Marza that injured his leg.

The participants finally arrived to Prali were the last test starts after 25 minutes of climbing up on a chearlift. The descent is on a very technical downill path, that the riders enjoyed a lot.

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