Stages 2017

July 22nd   LIMONE PIEMONTE  sign-in, road book and race pack collection, transfer to Tende (France)  for the prologue start

July 23rd 1st stage: LIMONE PIEMONTE – ACCEGLIO a very hard and long stage!

July 24th 2nd stage: ACCEGLIO – SAMPEYRE the extraordinary 1800 m climb at the start to reach the 3000 m of  MONTE BELLINO then an old friend of the Ironbikers the Colle della Battagliola.

July 25th 3rd stage: SAMPEYRE – BOBBIO PELLICE across the VAL PELLICE through the historical Waldesian tracks

July 26th 4th stage: BOBBIO PELLICE – PRAMOLLO the 3 Huts “Barbara, Barant and Jerwis” and the Prali ski resort

July 27th 5th stage: PRAMOLLO – USSEAUX – SELLERIES HUT  the highlight of the day is the 45 minute singletrack descent; the absolute reference of what a descent should be!! Enjoy it and forget the horrible climb before….!!

July 28th 6th stage: SELLERIES HUT – SESTRIERE the descent of the Fenestrelle Fort and the Ironbike symbol THE MOUNT CHABERTON 3131 m height

July 29th 7th and last stage: SESTRIERE – SAUZE D’OULX a relatively “easy” stage….but WATCH OUT NEVER UNDERSTIMATE IRONBIKE!!

Sponsor Istituzionali

  • Regione
  • Prov To
  • Crc
  • Crsaluzzo
  • Limone
  • Sauze
  • Acceglio
  • Bobbio Pellice
  • Pramollo
  • Roure
  • Sampeyre
  • Sestriere
  • Corpo Forestale
  • Crocerossaitaliana


  • S Agrimontana
  • S Aon
  • S Bodrero
  • S Autonoleggio Cuneorenter
  • S Edilplastubi
  • S Fassi Computer
  • S Ferrino
  • S Green Valley
  • S Rifugio Selleries
  • S Shell
  • S Terme Valdieri


  • Iron Biker
  • Crocodile Trophy
  • Alta Via
  • Rally Romagna
  • Avventura Sport

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