Day 7, Stage 6, Selleries – Sestriere

Today friday 29th of July has been one of the most spectacular days for our riders.

Started from the Alpine Refugie Selleries, sourrounded by the Alps, they arrived at the Fenestrelle Fort. A XVII century monument, the fort is open to bikers only during the Ironbike, its spectacular descent with more than 4000 steps is a really hard test, but the effort is rewarded with incredible scenery and panoramic views.

After Fenestrelle they reach Pragelato where the chairlift help them climbing up to the top ready to start the hardest part of the day, mount Chaberton climb. The Chaberton is the symbol of the Ironbike, more than 3000 m, a difficult climb between rocks and steep paths and under a really hot sun, but you can’t say to have done Ironbike if you haven’t arrived on Chaberton top.

The panorama from the top  is simply incredible. This view of the Italian- french Alps is a slice of what it is consider some of the most amazing mountain scenery in the world. The joy expressed by the riders on reaching the top, was one of the defining moments of the IB 2016.

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