Day 8, Stage 7, Sestriere- Sauze d’Oulx

The 86 riders that remained in the race put out highest power on final climbs of this one-week race.

They starts from Sestriere to reach Sauze D’Oulx that kindly hosted the competition for the 10th year. To celebrate this anniversary has been done a special stage on Sportinia ski pist on a very technical and fast path.

They arrived in Sauze d’Oulx absolutely exhausted  but so happy to have finished it. The race has been followed by a big party and a prize giving. The undisputed leader is again Milton Ramos from Honduras, followed by Albizu Lizaso Joseba and  Campà Martell Joan.

The women leader is Mcdougall Amy Beth, followed by Elena Novikova and Musso Chiara.

For the team podium we see on the first position Roca Albert and Terrisse Puig Daniel, on the second Rossini Giorgio and Marza Bedos Pau and on the third  Coluccio Flavio and Boaglio Cristopher.

The master 40: Campà Martell Joan, Bekkenk Ramses and Pons Palacio Joan.

The under 40 classification: Ramos Milton, Albizu Lisazo Joseba and Rostagno Alessandro.

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