Riders can have a personal assistance vehicle at every base camp, the vehicle, with its own identification decal supplied by the organizers, must be driven by a registered person, accredited as support person. Entry fee for each supporter is 250,00 Euro. It is possible to register supporters until June 30th, after that date the O.C. does not assure registration and price, especially for supporters driving big vehicles (such as motor homes).

To register a support person send an e-mail to with his/her name, type of vehicle and name of the registered athlet.

Payment can be made by wire transfer to:
IBAN CODE: IT47B0629510200000001614042
Reason for payment: supporter entry fee IRONbike 2020

Support Persons identified by an identification bracelet are allowed to:
- sleep at the base camp and use all services and meals reserved to the riders,
- give assistance to the riders at the official refreshment points indicated on the road book as well as at the base camp.

Non accredited persons are NOT ALLOWED to use services and meals neither to give any kind of assistance (including massages after the race) to riders. Failure to comply to his Article will lead to: verbal warning at the first reprimand, 5000 points of penalty at the 2nd and disqualification abandoning the race at the 3rd.

The supporters will be identified by a bracelet and their cars by an identification decal.
All persons without identification badge have no right to use services and to receive meals provided by the Organisation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]