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 “…. I was usually riding at the back end of the pack in remote areas but I never felt unsecure. I had the feeling that the organisation takes safety very serious which was most important for me……. Looking over some old files we came across these words a Belgian riders said some years ago, this



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Which is the closest airport to the start location ?

The closest airport is Torino Caselle international airport

I will come by car, where can I leave my car during the week?

The car can be parked in a dedicated parking in Sauze d’Oulx, arrival town, from there a free shuttle bus offered by the organization will drive you (your luggage and your bike) to Limone Piemonte, where Ironbike starts.

Which is the closest airport to the finish location ?

Torino Caselle international airport. For more infos visit the web site

I will arrive in Sauze d’Oulx to leave may car the day before the race, where can I sleep?

Should you arrive the day before by car in Sauze d’Oulx you can either sleep in tent in the base camp (it will be indicated) or in a hotel to enjoy a last night in a bed before Ironbike! For information regarding hotels contact

I will arrive some days before in Entracque, where can I sleep?

The IRONbike base camp will be available from the night before the race start and usually some racers are already there. Should you arrive some days before you can either put up your tent in the a camping or book a room in a hotel info:

Will there be any mechanical support to fix my bike if I break something?

Yes. The mechanic will be at the end of each stage and in some crucial points along the race course. They will carry a range of spares, but you should bring your own spare parts for bits prone to breakage such as deraileurs or hydraulic brake cables.

How many food stops do I find in each stage?

It depends on the difficulty and length of the stage (minimum two).

What kind of food is available for breakfast and dinner each day?

Breakfast: jam, chocolate, pasta, bread, fruit, coffee, milk, tea, house-made honey, and energy supplements and mineral salts supplements Dinner (it changes every day): but always pasta!!! And meat (chicken, beef, pork), vegetables, soup, bread

I’m vegetarian or I suffer of a coeliac disease or allergic to some food, what can I do?

Please inform us when you send your registration.

Is there a road book?

Yes. The course is however well-marked with official signs and spray-painted marks (IB) on the ground, roads, trees, rocks, walls, snow.

Is a smaller extra bag needed for high altitude camps? If so where do we leave the big bag on the high altitude days?

Yes, for the high altitude camp the max. weight allowed is 20 kg. The other bag (maximum 30 kg) will be transferred by o.c. (see art. 11 of the race regulation for more details).

Will GPS data of the stages be available?


Where are the bicycles kept at night ?

We could arrange some security zone or security cables, but if you leave the bike there, it will be returned to you only the morning after at the bags delivery time: no night working and no repairs!

Are the base camps in or near towns or villages?

Usually they are, except in the high camps.

Are all camps accessible by car? (so own support car can reach the camp).

Usually yes, only the high camp may not be reached by all vehicles. Accredited support persons will be informed before.

How much mountain bike experience do I need?

You will need to have a reasonable level of experience, fitness and skill to complete the event safely and enjoy the experience. The experience necessary comes from regular off-road riding. Iron bike is not an event for the unexperienced. The physical challenge of Iron Bike should not be underestimated

What do you mean by a “medical certificate”?

Sport medical certificate means a certificate made by a sport doctor or sports medicine centres testifying that the rider have been visited and declared able for competitive sports. It means that he/she has been submitted to a complete exercise tolerance test – stress ECG –
The judges of the Federation we are member of will check the medical certificate and issue a licence valid for one year. The cost of the licence is 40,00 Euro. In Italy it is compulsory without licence you cannot get the race start number.

Is the licence for Triathlon, Alpine Sports, or other competitive sports valid?

No, the only valid licence is the UCI licence for cycling


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